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One wedding, some drool and a memory....

What a weekend. My friends Joe and Katie tied the knot and it was one of the better weddings I've been to. The large majority of my college friends were in attendance and good time were running rampid. It's always a good time when this certain collection of college friends get together. We are, by in large, a collection of blowhard idiots and dancing fools (i mean that in the most affectionate way, of course). I haven't sweated (is sweated a word?) like that since the NYC 1/2 marathon. I mean, talk about dancing as if noone was watching. Actually, it probably isn't dancing at all. When all of your limbs move spastically in different directions while you jump around in some sort of tribal ritual dance, is that really dancing? Never the less... it was awesome.

I stuck to my drink of choice, which is JD and gingerale. I'm not a big drinker, but when I do... it's with purpose. Woke up with a bit of a headache and upon checking my cell phone it appears I texted some 30 people simply to tell them I love them them and that I was drinking. I'm sure they were happy to hear that at 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

I feel like with my drinking, I didn't eat as much as i usually would when I "let myself go" for the occasional weekend(as in I made up for my lack of food calories with that of the alcohol kind). I had a little Brie with olives, I ate the fish with greenbeans (didn't eat the potatoes) and skipped the cake. The one thing I did do was eat my weight in eggs at the breakfast buffet. Man, do I love a good breakfast buffet. It is the equivalent of take a heroine addict to a drug den, supplying the needle and telling him/her to "behave". I did, in fact stick to just eggs, to which I am happy about (needless to say it was 2 pretty nice servings of the stuff). Skipped the French toast, bacon, sausage and all the other deliciousness. Just eggs. Ran through me like a hot knife through butter. TMI? Probably... Moving on.....

So the highlight (or lowlight if you ask me) of the early wedding day was at the actual service at the church. While Joe and Katie were exchanging their vows, an odd sound emerged that sounded like a cat in agony. It was a really odd sound. As I turned around to my friend Chris in the pew behind me, I said to him, "Who brought the ca---"? I meant to say, "Who brought the cat?", but at that perfectly timed moment a small... no, no.... a large strand of drool decided it would be a great time to jump out of my mouth down the lapel of my suit and onto the pew in which I sat.
As I looked down and saw my little "escapee", I had hoped that noone took notice. No such luck. As I looked up at the 3 rows behind me filled with my college buddies and some of the groom's family/friends, the red faces and trembling floor due to mass quieted hysteria laughter told me I had been caught. Embarassing moments are God's way of keeping you humble. Thank you God. I'm sure my friends will not let me forget this glorious moment anytime soon.

This morning, I started reading an article in BOSTON magazine about kids and obesity. In the beginning of the article the author talks about his own weight issues as a kid, and referenced the dreaded "Shirts and Skins". Wow, I had not thought about that since highschool. Upon reading this I immediatelty felt uneasy and could feel me heart beating a little harder. Talk about hitting a nerve. If you don't know what shirts and skins are, it is when you are playing a sport (Basketball, football, etc) and the way of differentiating who is on what team, one team will get to wear their shirts, and the other will have to be "skins" or shirtless. I sooo hated being on the skins team. I remember suddenly coming down with a "sudden case of something" on a few occasions if I had to go skins. The majority of my friends were lean, athletic kids. Bobby was sporting skin folds, man boobs and so many stretch marks my stomach looked like an Oklahoma backroad map. No bueno. Man oh man...did I hate Skins. The only thing worse was going to the beach. :)

OK, that's my shpeel for today... have a great day... Kick some ass and live healthy!


Leslie said...

Ok, the drool bit has me in hysterics... thanks for the laugh

Julie Lost and Found said...

You're hysterical!! LOL Great post!

Corinne said...

Shirts vs. skins... That always reminds me of when my tomboy sister used to play basketball at the YMCA. Nicole (they called her Nick) was on skins and she refused to remove her shirt... but for a different reason than you just blogged about ;)

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