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Shouldn't "Diets" be called "Liveits"?

I always thought it was a bit ironic and a bit comical that the word DIET had the word DIE in it. But isn't it true? How many diets do you know of are built for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong health as opposed to the "quick fix" that we all tend to look for? Shouldn't we look to implement in our lives an eating and nutrition regimen that supports our lifestyle and can be carried with us through all of our years? But noooooooooooo. What do we do? We eat the way we were taught to eat (that would be with complete reckless abandon), then look for the "quick fix". It is time to change the way we think about "Dieting" and start "Liveiting" (again... making up words).

As humans we are so influenced by our upbringing as it pertains to eating. How do our parents eat? What ancestery do we come from? What foods are accessible in our house? We are "wired" from a young age to think a certain way about food and this is how our relationship with food is formed. Well guess what... it's time for a break up from that relationship. I know, I know. Breaking up is hard to do (if you know this 1950's diddy, please sing along). It definitely comes with it's pains. There is the initial "Not a problem, I can do this" phase (Let's call it phase #1). Followed by the "Oh my God, I miss him/her/it soooo much" phase (#2). Soon after comes the "I can't live without him/her/it"(#3) and then the eventual "I'm better off without him/her/it" phase (#4). When we take this diet journey though, we usually always get caught inbetween phase 2 and 3, which inevitabally leads us back to where we really don't want to be.

We've all been in those relationships that we just shouldn't be in. Unhealthy, toxic and just plain BAD. Even getting through those relationships we usually go through the aforementioned phases. Those relationships do not have a solid foundation and positive boundries to help mold a successful relationship. Isn't this the same with food? You bet your ass it is. Since we are "wired" to act/think a certain way with food, and since this way of being isn't working, aren't you ready for a change? Most people like to go about this life change in a gradual way. "I'll start off eating a healthier breakfast like Raisin Bran". OK, a couple things... FIRST OFF, Raisin Bran sucks. Secondly, going about it gradually sucks. If you're going to do it, GO ALL IN! "But Bobby, I don't work that way"... Yes you do... you just tell yourself you don't. If you start eating what you deem healthier in a gradual way, you will probably fail. Why? Because there are too many mental exits that exist. So you start off with your healthy breakfast. Then eat like ass for lunch and dinner and everything in between. You think you will have the momentum to go right back to eating a healthy breakfast the next day? And the day after that? And after that? C'mon... don't lie to me, or yourself... just not going to happen! MOMENTUM AND CONSISTENCY PEOPLE!!!

Make the choice today to change your eating habits. Clean out those cabinets and that box of shit you call a refridgerator. Buy and keep a large bottle of water with you all day, every second of the day. Hire a nutrition counselor to get support on what to eat/not eat and how to eat. SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS!

OK-- that's my rant for today... Live a great day!

Kickin' some ass--
Bobby K


Julie Lost and Found said...

This is a great post Bobby!!

Love that term "LIVEit"

Keep up the great inspiration!

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