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Preparing for a weekend of shennanigans

So like I said in my last blog, I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I'll be staying overnight up in Salem, MA and the combination of alcohol and restaurant style food is sure to not be "positive for the body".. but that's a-ok.. Why you ask? PREPERATION

I have kept an overly-conscious eye on my eating lifestyle the last week and a half in preperation for this weekend... and I feel good about giving myself this window of "do whatever the hell I want" this weekend. The workouts/runnings have been coming along as well. Up to 8 mile runs in prep for the 1/2 marathon and got a good resistance workout in yesterday with one of the trainers at the club I work at (The Sports Club/LA). Couple all of that with a softball practice and some swings at the batting cage and I'm feeling good.. DAMN STRAIGHT!

I needed to buy a new suit for this weekend (being that I buy one suit every 5 years, and I was currently on year #7, it was time). Got 2 nice ones from Macy's for $350 combined. Pretty happy about that. Had to go get the suits altered. Going through this process still gives me cold sweats. I remember from my 300+ pound days having to go shopping with my mother for school. I used to hate going there to get a size 52 waist, then having them hemmed down to a 48. Bobby needed a size 52 because his legs were ENORMOUS. I'm talking some real meatloafs here. My mom (Roberta) tells me I used to torture her because I would hate to shop in the "husky" section. They should just call it the "fat kid" section. We know we're fat, you know we're fat... just say it! Calling us the name of a dog breed really doesn't help to make us feel better about the situation. Nevertheless, the whole "getting measured and clothes tailored thing" still hits a nerve for me even though my pants are now at a 34/36 waist. Oh well, no use dwelling... moving on....

Went to see Young Frankenstein at the theatre last night, and I was surprised at how awesome it was. I do like me some theatre from time to time (say what you will), but the energy and music that the show provided left me feeling...well.... let's just say I sang Puttin' on the Ritz for the rest of the night (and to be honest, all the way into work as well this morning)... Go see it if you can!

This will probably be my last post until Monday, so have a good weekend...live healthy and KICK SOME ASS---



Julie Lost and Found said...

Great post Bobby!

Your shopping in the "husky" section comment struck a nerve here...I never had that problem as a kid, but as a woman, I can't shop in "regular size" stores..YET..and it's torture! But what really pisses me off, is you go to Macy's for instance, and I have to go to the "woman" section. What??? Oh, like you're not a "woman" unless you're fat? The "regular sizes" are called "misses" So what? because I'm fat, I don't qualify as a "misses" At least they call "petites" like it is..petite..short and small. It's all so damn "PC" I'm sure they have to call it something "nice" because if they called it "fat persons section" no one would shop there. It just ALWAYS drives me nuts to have to find the "woman" section. LOL But in a nutshell, like "husky" was for you, looking for the "women's" department does not make me feel any better about the situation...because it is what it is. Funny how things get sugarcoated.

Glad you enjoyed the musical. Sounds great! Have a great weekend at the wedding!

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