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Good morning people!

I am a creature of habit. I just like to change up those habits often. I don't even kow whatthat means...haha

So every morning I start my day off with the same breakfast that I've come to love, depend on and love (yes, i know... that's how much I love it)

This little breakfast concoction was the cornerstone and stability of my weight loss escapade.

-Cup(because I'm a big fella) of Oatmeal (the 100% whole rolled oats variety, not the brown sugar/apple shitshow that you think is healthy but is really ass)

-Tablespoon of raw, unsalted almond butter. This is really the secret ingredient. Once you mix this deliciousness in you'll really be cooking with gas....

-handful of blueberries (I have big hands so I get more.. haha!)

-handful of low sugar(less than 10g per serving) of granola

-drizzle raw honey on top

Sounds great, right? Well, it tastes even better than it sounds. You're getting a rockin' carb/natural sugar comboand a fat busting protein source in the almond butter. This mix should keep you satiated and happy for at LEAST 4 hours. I'm 6'3 220 pounds and it keeps my hunger at bay for 5 hours... just in time for lunch...BINGO!

I'm heading to a wedding this weekend, so knowing that I'll be eating food that is not "self prepared", I know I have to REALLY keep my eating in check. Shouldn't be much of an issue cuz at this point in the game I know what works.

What I do need to buckle up is my workouts. I'm training for the "Run to Remember", which is a half marathon in Boston on May 30th. I've been pretty good with my training, but my resistance training has fallen by the wayside. This is something I need to remedy STAT! Going to hit the weights today for at least 45 minutes. Can't be going to this wedding with my college buds feeling like a gummy bear. TIGHTEN UP! They already raz me enough for my former-fat kid days. I love them for it, as it's one of the motivational tools that keep me accountable and driven to stay in shape... hey, I'll use anything I can get as motivation... Giddy up!

Stay positive and kick some ass...
B to the K


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