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Bus'n and Blog'n

So the fact is that I'm a bit technologically inept. My good friend Julie actually had to build this blog for me and now, almost 4 months into 3 hours woth of commuting per day I've figured out how to blog while riding on the bus. I like to call it technologically inept, but the fact is its just my own stupidity. But we'll leave that just between you and me.. Ok? Good!

So speaking of this commute from the island of staten into the daily mecca that is new york city, what an experience. People truly amaze me. Between those that keep their bag on the sit so you can't sit to the serenaders on the 1 train that have somehow convinced themselves that they can indeed sing. Not the case. But there was one day last month that was actually quite amazing. I had left the healthclub and was walking with a member and talking about healthy diet options... She couldn't understand what was wrong with her daily breakfast of a large coffee with cream and sugar and a bagel with cream cheese..."But its veggie cream cheese".. Oh ok... Anyway, I digress, so we're having this conversation and we are taking the 1 train. When all of a sudden there was this voice... I mean seriously the most amazing voice I've heard in my life... She was singing something operatic.. I think it was in italian.. She was of spanish decent.. Well needless to say everybody in the train car was captivated... As she sang her piece, we all looked at each other and smiled... Some people mouthed words like "amazing" and "beautiful"... And yes it was... I couldn't get to my wallet quick enough to help her fill that wool hat she was toting around... Now this is how to travel!!! Unfortunately she was getting off at the Times Square stop.. But let me tell you, for a commute that's usually cold and unfriendly that one day in december we had a train car that was unified and full of chatter... After the girl with the pipes left, we all continued to talk about what a priviledge that was to listen to that... I'm still thinking about it.. Unreal...

Well I just went over the verrazano bridge and am on my daily trek into the city... I can feel the woman next to me thinking "wow he's writing a long message on his blackberry.. What could be so important?"... Hey lady, I'm blogging! And hopefully I can stay true to it this time... Maybe if I knew I had a reader or 5, it would motivate me!! So let me know if you read The BobbyK Weigh.. And maybe, just maybe I'll make this a daily thing (or something of the sort).. Have a great and healthy day baby!


Julie Lost and Found said...

sooooooo proud of you Bobby! and during your commute!!! wow! Keep at it! Visit other blogs and leave comments! Maybe one day blog, and the next day read blogs and comment? You'll gain readers in no time if you're consistent with it and participate.

I had to chuckle at the bagel and cream cheese line for I remember your lecture on bagels in our first nutrition counseling session...haha!

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